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Egps Essay   FORTHCOMING FALL 2017

E-GPS Essay is a writing web-based application that works like your GPS. It leads you, step by step, to your final destination: a perfect essay.

It works on all devices and comes in two versions: English & Spanish.

Select the type of essay you need to write: 

  1.  argumentative or persuasive
  2.  expository
  3.  compare and contrast 
  4.  literary commentary

* E-GPS ESSAY gives you access to the WEB to do research while writing.

* E-GPS ESSAY creates and exports quotes and bibliography automatically to your essay.

* E-GPS ESSAY will provide you sentences that you can transfer to the writing platform to ensure a coherent, complete and perfectly structured essay  from the introduction to the conclusion.

* E-GPS ESSAY features style, spell and grammar editor.

* E-GPS ESSAY gives you the option of sharing your essay electronically with your instructor or a peer for comments or editing.

Free Trial & Subscription Plans

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48 Hours. Valid for one essay in selected language.

Subscription Plans:

For one essay in selected language (3 weeks)                   $0.99

For unlimited # of essays in selected language:
One semester (26 weeks)                                       $4.99

Bundle Plan English & Spanish

Unlimited # of essays in English & Spanish:  

One semester (26 weeks)                                        $ 8.49 

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