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Ediciones Nuevo Espacio: Literature

A pioneer of the digital publishing, Ediciones Nuevo Espacio was founded in 2000 as a venue to disseminate the work of Latin American, Spanish and Hispanic authors in both paperback and CD Rom formats. As of today,  2017, Ediciones Nuevo Espacio has published around 50 titles by authors from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela.

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Academic Press ENE: College Textbooks

Years later, an imprint to publish college textbooks and reference books was created: Academic Press ENE.

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Egps 4 the Perfect Essay: writing web-based application

In 2015, a digital section was added with the publication of a writing application, E-GPS Essay.

Web Based App for writing essays

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FALL 2017

E-GPS Essay is a writing web-based application that works like your GPS. It leads you, step by step, to your final destination: a perfect essay. 

It works on all devices and comes in two versions: English & Spanish. 

How it works

Select the type of essay you need to write: 

  1. argumentative or persuasive
  2. expository
  3. compare and contrast 
  4. literary commentary  

* E-GPS ESSAY will provide you sentences that you can transfer to the writing platform to ensure a coherent, complete and perfectly structured essay  from the introduction to the conclusion.

* E-GPS ESSAY gives you access to the WEB to do research while writing. 

* E-GPS ESSAY creates and exports quotes and bibliography automatically to your essay.

* E-GPS ESSAY features style, spell and grammar editor.

* E-GPS ESSAY gives you the option of sharing your essay electronically with your instructor or a peer for comments or editing.

Need to write an essay? 

Subscription Plans starting at $0.99

FREE TRIAL for 48 hours.

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Instructor digital review copies of textbooks or College Bookstores Orders

  1. Professors, for digital review copies please indicate your institutional affiliation and the name of the course and semester for which you are planning to use the  requested textbook. **There are not paperback copies. A hard copy will be sent to you ONLY once we receive the order for books from the bookstore of your institution. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. Bookstores: please send your PO Orders by email to academicpressene@gmail.com or by Fax to 732 483 7194, Att. María

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